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The View from There

Kevin B. Chen has been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area arts community for close to 20 years as a curator, writer, and visual artist. His work has been exhibited in the Bay Area at Southern Exposure, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, ampersand international arts, Blankspace, and Kearny Street Workshop, and nationally at Angel's Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro, CA), City of Brea Art Gallery (Orange County, CA), and The Kitchen (New York, NY). He is represented by Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA. To learn more about his practice please visit his website at

All Business All the Time

This exhibition will "employ" the standard business card as a jumping-off point for an exuberant skewering and subversion of corporate language and structure.

Curated by MoPA Communications Director Hannah Piper Burns.

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MoPA Two Thousand Nine

The 36 page full-color catalog now available with articles by Meredith Tromble, Mary Anne Kluth, Nancy de Y Elkus, Laura Boles Faw, Robert Sill and Hannah Piper Burns. Available to order from

Intimate Cartography

The 44 page full-color catalog now available with curatorial statement by Hannah Piper Burns and Alexandra Chowaniec. Available to order from

Abstract Small

With the proliferation of video recording devices and the variety of ways in which to view video, the video artist's intent can get muddled. The initial experience of watching video meant for a large screen fluctuates greatly from seeing it on YouTube. For the 2nd annual exhibition, the Museum of Pocket Art invites video artist to submit work with the intent of seeing work on a mobile device.

Jan Blythe

Using catalogues, magazines, books, and postcards referencing art, textiles, furniture, interior and industrial design, Jan Blythe’s mixed-media collages fracture and re-combine found images into formal exercises far removed from their original source imagery. This solo exhibition is an extension of Blythe’s broader art practice, which allows materials to combine and transform in her hands as she manipulates them to unexpected ends. Available to order from

Titanic Piano

The 52 page full-color catalog now available with curatorial statement by Nancy de Y. Elkus and Laura Boles Faw. Available to order from