the Museum of Pocket Art

The reason and the end

Gil Rocha


90 degrees until we meet again. Good night

Since the invention of fabric, its purpose has become vast. From clothing, to art, it may be transformed into almost any form yet it has no defined form in many ways. With this series of works I embrace the gestural forms a fabric maintains while at rest; as it awaits to become something "useful". I love the way fabric hangs, the way it melts unto the floor when thrown, the way it tells a story. By embellishing and hardening fabric with vivid colors and tangled forms, my intention is to visually destroy every object around it. I want it to take a stance and visually yell, "I am not here awaiting another use! I will no longer abide to your will and time. After today you will see me everywhere!"

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Suffragette Series
Margaret Meehan

In a time of congressional witch-hunts, these Suffragettes painted on 18th cabinet cards are updated in attire and urgency. Drawing strength from the past they are ready to keep the protest march moving forward for all equality.

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Personal Distemper
Bug Davidson

“OVER emotional” 30 second video pieces for the forthcoming Museum of Pocket Art (MoPA) show. Looking for the whole gamut of human flavored guts. Don’t be afraid.